Nathan's Holiday in Cambodia (and elsewhere)


In the spring of 2001, I did something a little out of character: I quit my horrible job with no notice, and went travelling. My girlfriend works for a far-east travel agency, and they were sending her on a "familiarization trip" to Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Amsterdam: basically an expenses-paid junket for travel agents that lets them meet and greet the local tour operators, inspect the local hotels, and generally get a personal feel for the places that they take your money to send you to.

For her, this was entirely free: a business expense. I got to tag along for the price of a discount airline ticket.

This...did not suck.

We managed to find internet cafes in just about every nook and cranny of southeast Asia, and I sent out regular updates by email to my friends and family. Those emails form the travelogue here.

From the First World, to the End of the World, and Back: a Geek at Liberty in Asia and Amsterdam

I also took a lot of Pictures: