At its core, Somatic poetry (Somatry) seeks to achieve a functional synthesis of mind and body in an altered state of consciousness, while providing a commentary on the disparities between body, mind, spirit, environment, and society, the evolution of those disparities, and the quest of the individual to retain voice and autonomy in an increasingly depersonalized and homogenous world.

Integrating a series of body manipulations* throughout an approximately half-hour monologue, Somatry uses body and voice to supplement each other: the power of words is reinforced by the actions of the body; the actions of the body tell a story independent of, yet complementary to the monologue. Together, they create a series of vivid images and a richness of experience impossible through either word or deed alone.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of diverse sources ranging from Imagist poet H.D.'s ‘Notes on Thought and Vision,’ to the 'Modern Primitive' movement, and the artist’s own frustration at the inadequacies of language to accurately express internal states of being, Somatry straddles the boundaries between performance and ritual, poetics and diatribe. I hope it touches everyone who encounters it. It must be seen to be believed and understood. I hope it reminds people of their innate power and free will, and reawakens the desire for communication, connection, and self-expression in these uncertain, isolating times.

Tax-deductible contributions to the Somatry project may be made through the The Institute for Unpopular Culture. All proceeds from the performance of Somatry will benefit Gauntlet Enterprises. Rehearsals will begin once sufficient funding is obtained.

* Please be aware that this performace does incoprate 'extreme' body manipulation, including piercing and a flesh hook suspension. Every attempt will be made to minimize the appearance of blood, and no audience member will be exposed to fluids of any kind.

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November 21, 2004:

'Pins & Needles: Writers on Body Art'
A benefit for the Somatry project

Charlie Anders
Daphne Gottlieb
Jon Longhi
Annalee Newitz
Shauna Rogan
Bucky Sinister
Sherilyn Connelly MC’s

The Dark Room, 2263 Mission St.
(Between 18th & 19th)
(415) 401-7987
$5-10 sliding scale