The Exorcist of RASTV-B5

This was posted to the USENET newsgroup, which is a group discussing the tv program of the same name. The context of the post was a discussion on the representation of both homosexuality and Christianity on television. In the interests of fairness, I'm refraining from editorializing. Whatever this article says, it most certainly says for itself.

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> [Re: Homosexuality and not mental illness according to DMS-IV]

No, I'm not posting again about homosexuality.  Read on, I just wanted to
clarify one point:

> It has been removed as a listing as either being a mental illness or related
> to a mental illness within the DSM-IV.  i.e. it is no longer seen as being an
> illness, mental or otherwise.  Psychiatrists did this when they realized that
> it was not a mental illness, that homosexuals were not more or less distressed
> then heterosexuals.
> Prior to 1970 doctors had also believed that women suffer from hysteria, that
> there womb would detach and wonder about the body causing mental problems.
> Doctors tended to say that this was caused from not giving birth.  Before this
> they believed in demonic possession.  There was also beliefs that African-
> Americans were inferior to European-Americans.  Past belief in something does
> not make them valid today.  This also involves psychiatry and medicine.

FWIW, demonic possession and demonic oppression (not the same thing) are very
real phenomena.  I wouldn't expect non-Christians to know about or understand
it, as they're not likely to run across it often if at all (hey, you're on his
side, why would he harass you in any way?  "He who is not for me is against
me" - J.C.).  But anytime a Christian enters a building with a demon-possessed
person in it, the demon is aware of it and there will most likely be a
confrontation, and not at the initiation of the Christian.  I have experienced
this myself.  And using the Biblically-defined weapons specified, to God's
glory, the demon lost...

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