Some Notes About
Addicted to Hate

Addicted to Hate, as presented here, is the full contents of Exhibit A of the lawsuit filed in Shawnee County District Court in Topeka, Kansas by Jon Michael Bell against Stauffer Communications in June of 1994, Case number 94CV766. It was transcribed into digital form during the course of the lawsuit by persons unknown, and distributed first as pamphlets and then over the internet.

The current legal status of Addicted to Hate is somewhat murky. Court documents are public documents by law, but after the initial dissemination of the document, the trial records were sealed by the Clerk of the Court.

This website is maintained as a hobby by its maintainers, and we have no wish (and no resources) to become entangled in litigation over its contents. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you make your own local copy, with an eye towards distribution. (Perhaps on an offshore service?) Although the document is split up into chapters for your reading convenience, you can download the entire text as a single file here.