Dances from Anno Domini Festival, April-May 2012


Le Triangle, Nouveau Quadrille
Calls and discussion of Le Triangle.


1830s Gallopade Country Dance
Calls and discussion of gallopade

Gothic Dance (1862 Gallopade Country Dance)
Calls and discussion of Gothic Dance

Three-Slide Racket: slide-close-slide-close-slide, cut-cut (1&2&3 4&)
Discussion of Three-Slide Racket
One-Slide Racket: slide, cut-cut (1 2&)
Discussio nof One-Slide Racket
Racket: combines above patterns 3/1/1 3/1/1: 1&2&3 4& 1 2& 1 2& 1&2&3 4&
Discussion of "The" Racket (three-one-one pattern)

The York
Slide = 1&23 slide-close-slide-close
Waltz = &123 (hop*) slide-cut-leap (polka redowa)
*(optional) Coup de talon on (hop)
First York pattern (slide/waltz/slide/waltz)
Second York pattern (slide/slide/waltz/waltz)

Late 19th Century American Schottische Variations

Military Position Variations (start side by side)
(1) Military Schottische
A: slide-close-leap-hop forward xs (extend foot forward on hop)
B: hop-waltz x4 OR waltz-galop x4

(2) Military Galop
A: hop-waltz x4 forward (not turning)
B: waltz-galop x4
Discussion of Military Schottische & Military Galop

(3) Star Schottische
A: run-run-run-hop x2 (extend foot forward on hop)
B: waltz-galop x4
Dicsussion of Star Schottische

(4) Schottische à Pas Sauté
A: hop-waltz x4 forward (not turning)
B: hop-waltz x4
Discussion of Schottische à Pas Sauté

Closed Position Variations
(1) Loomis New Gavotte

A: grapevine - side left, back right, side left, cross front; side-chasse-chasse-close
(1234 1&2&34)
B: waltz-galop x4

(2) Gavotte
A: side-close-side-close; side-chasse-chasse-close (1234 1&2&34)
B: waltz-galop x2 (one turn); side-chasse-chasse-touch (half-turn) (1&2 1&2 1&2&34)
repeats over elbows
Discussion of Gavotte & Loomis New Gavotte

Schottische pieces to mix and match
Military Position (first part of schottische):
hop-waltz forward (no turning)
slide-cut-leap-hop forward
run-run-run-hop forward

Closed Position (first or second part of schottische):
grapevine (four counts)
side-chasse-chasse-close (1&2&34)
waltz-galop (one full turn or two full turns)
side-chasse-chasse-touch (half-turn) (1&2&34)
Discussion of the waltz-galop

Jig-Time Dances (6/8)

The Rockaway
(gentleman's back to line of dance)
1 2 leap back twice L, R

3&4 leap back-side-close L-R-L (waltz-galop natural half-turn)

5&6 leap forward-side-close R-L-R (waltz-galop natural half-turn)

7&8 leap back-side-close L-R-L (waltz-galop not turning)
(gentleman's back to line of dance)
1 2 leap back twice R, L

3&4 leap back-side-close R-L-R (waltz-galop reverse half-turn)

5&6 leap forward-side-close L-R-L (waltz-galop reverse half-turn)

7&8 leap back-side-close R-L-R (waltz-galop not turning)
Reconstruction & discussion of the Rockaway

The Bronco
(gentleman's back to line of dance)
1 2 leap back L, R
3&4 leap-side-close L-R-L (back) (waltz-galop natural half-turn)
&5 side-close R-L
6&7 leap-side-close R-L-R (fwd or back) (waltz-galop natural or reverse half-turn)
&8 side-close L-R
Repeat from beginning.