Nathan J. Mehl
San Francisco, CA

Summary: IT Department Head and senior UNIX Systems Administrator, with 15+ years experience in demanding, fast-paced production environments. Skilled in a wide variety of server, network and application architectures.

Work Experience

Google, Inc
Site Reliability Engineer
February 2006 - Present

Lead engineer for internal deployment of Google Video Search, adapting Google Video to index and stream Google's internal video assets.

Project leader for SRE takeover of Youtube Search: specified acceptance criteria, designed load testing and monitoring tools, drove project to completion.

(Other project details not appropriate for public dissemination.)

Money Media, Inc
Director of Information Technology
July 2004 - February 2006

Leader of the IT division of a fast-growing financial publishing firm. Reported to CTO. Responsible for all internal and customer-facing technical infrastructure. Responsible for all IT budgeting and vendor selection/management. Managed direct reports.

Developed and executed an insourcing plan to migrate all company production infrasturcture to a self-managed platform while delivering increased reliability and performance for the company's customer-facing websites.

Worked closely with the CTO and Director of Software Development to specify and develop a content management and publishing platform for Money Media's subscription products.

Designed and built a custom-tailored software application build, test and deployment system, based on open-source tools.

Managed helpdesk staff.

The Feedroom
Senior Systems Administrator
August 2001 - June 2004

Senior UNIX systems administrator for a leading internet video news provider. Responsible for all production servers, including asset management, Java application servers and web servers.

Designed and implemented The Feedroom's comprehensive code testing and release infrastructure, allowing for controlled testing and QA regression of new code features and seamless rollback.

Created full operational procedures and documentation for The Feedroom's production systems to be used by contractors and outsourced maintenence.

Implemented and documented The Feedroom's internal instant messenging system, linking the central office with over 30 remote sites for secure real-time text communication.

Targetware, LLC
Director of Systems
December 2002 - Present

Director of Systems for an independent game development studio.

Responsible for all infrastructure creation, deployment and support, including corporate messaging infrastructure, software build and testing environments, and production web, gaming and download servers.

Designed internal email, messaging and live chat infrastructure to accomodate a "virtual" corporation with no physical offices and employees on 3 continents.

Designed, specified and built corporate web portal and customer support site.

MSP Technologies, Inc.
Director of Systems
May 2000 - May 2001

Founding employee of a 30-person software and service development company. Designed and implemented all aspects of internal IT and development infrastructure, including IP networking, file, print and messaging services, network backups, firewall and VPN remote access, automatic machine configuration. Designed all aspects of the corporate production infrasturcture for managed service offerings, including server specifications, network design, datacenter physical layout and security policies.

Primary responsibility for evaluation of all vendors and subcontractors necessary for production buildout, including datacenter selection. Presented evaluations to Board of Directors.

Hired and managed a team of three direct reports to provide IT service and support to all business and engineering personnel. Implemented trouble-ticketing systems to ensure service delivery.

Mail.Com, Inc
Senior Systems Administrator
August 1998 - May 2000

Primary Systems-side responsiblity for the upkeep of one of the ten largest email transit systems in the world (circa 1999), with over 8 million customers and 10 million messages per day. Created and maintained sendmail configurations for various machines in this architecture. Tracked usage, provided statistical information and capacity planning, evaluated hardware, coordinated feature upgrades with development, and provided high-level troubleshooting for Operations staff. Planned and coordinated build-outs and releases of new architectures.

Designed and implemented Mail.Com's first comprehensive software release system. Designed and documented Mail.Com's DNS control system, which ensures DNS consistency for over 3,000 DNS zones. Trained and supervised Operations and junior Systems staff in day-to-day troubleshooting techniques. Implemented incident-tracking systems for Systems and Operations staff.

Exodus Communcations
Professional Services Division

New England Division
(formerly Cohesive Network Services,
formerly The LeftBank Operation)
Somerville, MA
Security Coordinator
Senior Consultant

May 1996 - July 1998

As a Senior Consultant, responsible for performing a wide range of duties for clients, mainly in the area of designing and deploying enterprise-wide services such as network backups, email and usenet architecture, high- availability print/file service, domain name service, directory services, web/HTTP service and many others. Most client work done in a Solaris environment, but also others as needed. Also responsible for helping to develop network security auditing procedures for clients.

As Security Coordinator, responsible for developing and implementing CNS/NED's internal security policies and tools, and leading first- response actions to any and all security incidents. Also responsible for specifying, deploying, maintaining and when necessary developing internal auditing, authentication, firewall and encryption tools.

As part of CNS/NED's internal IT staff, responsible for maintaining and growing their internal network of Solaris servers, including primary responsibility for maintaining email (Sendmail) and netnews (INN) servers.

GTE Internetworking
(Then known as "BBN Planet")
Cambridge, MA
System Operations Center Engineer
April 1995 - May 1996
Primary Usenet News administrator for the BBN Planet NorthEast Region (formerly NEARnet); responsible for upkeep and administration of BBN NER's five INN news servers, including specification, construction, deployment, support and on-call duty. Helped specify and plan BBN's migration of its Usenet architecture from INN to the Cyclone news server. Developed materials for educating customers about BBN's Usenet services, including segments of the BBN News Advantage web site. Worked with the BBN Network Operations Center to deploy and tune monitoring tools for the news server.

Additional duties included basic administration for the BBN Web Advantage server farms, internal support for Server Operations Center workstations, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Brigham & Women's Hospital
(Harvard Medical School)
Surgical Planning Lab

Boston, MA
October, 1994 - April 1995
Designed and implemented the SPL web page, including scripting to automate new content additions, HTML layout, and creation of custom graphical elements.

Also, built and maintained the SPL's INN news server.

AT&T Small Business Sales
Boston, MA
Database Technician
August, 1994 - April 1995
Developed a custom application in Microsoft Access to speed analysis of data exported from the AT&T SAART customer information database. Also provided ad hoc desktop PC support while the office systems administrator was on leave. Also misc clerical duty.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Philadelphia, PA
PC Support Technician
November, 1992 - July 1993
Helpdesk technician in TJU's MIS Tech Support call center. Responsible for first-call support on all PC hardware and software issues, including application support and network connectivity issues.


Simon's Rock College of Bard
Great Barrington, MA
Associate of Arts Degree, May 1992
Completed course and thesis work towards a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences.


Familiar with a very wide range of operating system environments and packages. On average, require one to two days to become proficient with a new Unix variant, and between one and ten days to become proficient with a new software package (such as sendmail, or Legato Networker), depending on its complexity.

Operating systems:

Server Platforms Storage: Programming:

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